Erfahrene Trainer*innen teilen ihr Wissen in Workshops mit viel Praxis und individuellen Tipps. Ganz gleich welches Level – aus den FLIEGENDE FUNKEN Workshops nimmst Du garantiert etwas für Deine Gruppe, Dein eigenes Spiel und die Bühne mit.


Bedeutung der Levels: 

A-Level: unter 2 Jahren Impropraxis
B-Level: ab 2 Jahren Impropraxis
C-Level: ab 5 Jahren Impropraxis

Teilnahmebedingungen für unsere Workshops

Für selbstverschuldete Unfälle, Garderobe, Schaden am Eigentum und abhanden gekommene Gegenstände kann keine Haftung übernommen werden.

Ein Rücktritt von der Anmeldung bis 5 Wochen vor Festivalbeginn ist ohne Verlust des Teilnehmerbetrages möglich (abzüglich 20 € Bearbeitungsgebühr), bei einem Rücktritt bis 4 Wochen vorher fallen 50 % des TN-Betrages als Ausfallhonorar an, danach ist der volle Beitrag fällig. Wird vom Teilnehmenden ein Ersatzteilnehmer für den gebuchten WS-Platz gefunden, fällt lediglich die Bearbeitungsgebühr an, ein Ausfallhonoar muss dann nicht gezahlt werden.
Aktuelle Ausnahmeregelung: Machen verordnete Maßnahmen (z.B. Covid-19) die Durchführung oder den Besuch des Kurses unmöglich, wird weder Bearbeitungsgebühr noch Ausfallhonorar berechnet.

Als Veranstalter sind wir verpflichtet die gesetzlichen Bestimmungen zur Eindämmung der Covid-19 Pandemie einzuhalten und gegebenenfalls die Umsetzung der Workshops sowie den Veranstaltungsort zu ändern.


Experienced teachers share their knowledge in workshops with
a lot of practical experience & individual tips regardless of your level- you are certain to take new tools for yourself, your group and stage with you from the FLIEGENDE FUNKEN Workshops.


Meaning of the levels: 

A: Less than 2 years of impro experience
B: Between 2 & 5 years
C: More than 5 years

Conditions of participation in our workshops

The festival organisation accepts no liability for injury, loss or damage to property or possessions.

Cancellation policy:
By a cancellation up to 5 weeks prior to the festival, a full refund is possible ( minus 20€ administrative charge), by a cancellation 4 weeks prior to begin 50% of the fee will be withheld, afterwards is the full fee payable.
In the case that the participant finds replacement
participant only the administrative fee will be charged.

If due to legal reasons ( eg. Covid 19) the festival is cancelled neither the course fee or administrative fee must be paid.

As organizers we are obliged to obey the legal constraints for the containment of the Covid-19 pandemic and reserve the right to change the implementation and location of the workshops and venue.

(Level B/English) with Christian Capozzoli

When & Where

Sat. 17.9.2022 14:30-17:30 h
Sun. 18.9.2022 12:30-15:30 h

Room: Magazinboden Schlachthof
Instructor: Christian Capozzoli
Title: THE AERODYNAMICS OF YES – (6 hours) Level B/English


Get familiar with the Aerodynamics of Yes techniques of improv. This 6-Hour workshop is designed to build deep connections and celebrate synergy. It sets out to create a bedrock foundation for you as a self reliant, team-playing, fun-chasing improviser. This is for improvisers that want a refreshing new slant on the way they play. Learn to advance and expand your ideas and weave them into rewarding scenes and narratives, with pronounced games.

Christian Capozzoli

is an American author and improviser whose methods are taught the world over. He has a B.F.A. in Writing, Literature and Publishing from Emerson College and a Masters in Literature and Education from Harvard University.
Christian has had the fortune to work with top comedic voices in TV and Film, including Stephen Colbert, Lena Dunham, Robert Smigel and Adam Sandler. Capozzoli traveled to Mumbai to teach and direct the Amazon special “Something from Nothing” and has conducted corporate workshops at Yale, Juilliard, Carnegie Hall and Google.
He has been honored and recognized as one of the top improv minds and instructors in the world. He has worked and performed at UCBNY, Magnet Theatre, iO Chicago, Second City, Groundlings, and Annoyance Theatre. His one man show Nutso Facto, toured North America and Europe, receiving rave reviews from both the New York Times and Post.
His Aerodynamics of Yes: The Improviser’s Manual provides readers with the essential tools to unlock imagination and celebrate each other.

(Level B/English) with Tanine Dunais

When & Where

Fri. 16.9.2022 14:30-17:30 h
Sat. 17.9.2022 10:30-13:30 h

Room: Magazinboden Schlachthof
Instructor: Tanine Dunais
Title: PYSICAL IMPRO – (6 hours) Level B/English


Free your body and minimise the reliance on dialogue.
In this worksop, we will work on various techniques in order to open the blocks that will help you use your body and environment to develop physical improvisation. You will be guided through exercises to learn to read the stage and work with music. You will also be introduced to simple clowning exercises to help you not only listen to your body and follow your physical impulses but also find the comedy and joy in that.

Tanine Dunais

is an Iranian improviser, currently living in the Netherlands. She started her improv journey at Dubai’s Courtyard Playhouse, and built her foundations with Johnstonian formats such as Maestro and Theatresports. She’s forever in the hunt for opportunities to perform in her native tongue, Persian, and to showcase more of her heritage and culture, on stage. During her explorations, she fell in love with expressing herself without the use of spoken language.
Her preferred modes of expression revolve around physical theatre, clowning, buffoonery, and puppetry.
Recently, she’s been digging deep into her experiences of performing as an expat, and is constantly working to find ways to help fellow improvisers bring their cultural and religious heritage to life, on stage.

(Level A/deutsch) mit Adrian Klein

Wann & Wo

Fr. 16.9.2022 14:30-17:30 Uhr
Sa. 17.9.2022 10:30-13:30 Uhr

Raum: Studio 13
Leitung: Adrian Klein
Titel: SHORTGAMES – (6 Std.) Level A/deutsch


Jeder kennt sie, jeder liebt sie. Kurzformate sind „typisch” Improtheater und dennoch kann man sie nicht oft genug unter die Lupe nehmen. Kurzformate geben uns Struktur, fordern uns heraus und inspirieren. Jedes Strukturspiel hat einen Grund, warum es existiert. Diese und andere Existenzgründe werden wir gemeinsam erforschen und natürlich: spielen spielen spielen. Lasset die Short Games beginnen!

Adrian Klein

Adrian Klein (München/ Augsburg) ist Schauspieler, Musiker, Clown und Twitch Dungeon Master. Er ist festes Ensemble Mitglied bei BÜHNENPOLKA in München, Trainer bei ‘Impro macht Schule’ und arbeitet als Klinikclown. Für ihn ist Freiheit und Flow das größte Glück. Beides kann er täglich im Improtheater finden.

(Level C/English) with Inbal Lori

When & Where

Fri. 16.9.2022  14:30-17:30 h
Sat. 17.9.2022  10:30-13:30 und 14.30-17:30 h
Sun. 18.9.2022  12:30 – 15:30 h

Room: Tanzraum Vorwärts
Instructor: Inbal Lori
Title: WARNING OF VERNÜNFTIGKEIT – (12 hours) : Level C/English


Just because we live in a culture that is trying to do the reasonable thing, doesn’t mean we have to reasonably improvise. Just because our culture is focused on problem solving, it doesn’t mean we have to do the same on stage. Just because we make “mistakes” as improvisers don’t mean we need to punish ourselves in front of the audience. And just because improvisation has tools doesn’t mean you have to follow them like rules.
In this workshop we would focus on trying to be less reasonable and more daring as improvisers. Daring does not mean not paying attention, it shouldn’t mean not listening or reacting to your partner’s offers. What it means to me, is being daring while using the possibilities that develop as we play, so our story can go somewhere.
From my point of view, hesitation, vagueness, and unclarity are big obstacles in improvisation. We have to be clear with whatever we are suggesting, we have to be bold and confident even if we are not 100% sure what is going on, we have to take risks in order to make shit happen!
This workshop will give us effective tools for clarity, boldness and the courage to create stories and characters bigger than life.

Inbal Lori

is a graduate of Jerusalem Art High School and a 3 years acting studio (2000). Since then she has been writing and acting for television
and theater and has won prizes and scholarships for her acting and writing.
Inbal started improvising in Tel Aviv in 2001 and ran an improvisation school in the city from 2013 – 2017.
In 2015 Inbal moved to Berlin and since then she has taught and performed all over the world in places like: USA, Canada, Australia, Colombia and Europe.Her performances include her solo show “Fragments of Life” and duo shows such as “CLICK” with Tim Orr (San Francisco), “The Lorilees” with Lee White (Canada), “The Fun Fatales” with Paula Galimberti (Spain) and “Playing with the Enemy” with Arab improviser Zaki Zikani.
In Berlin she is working and coaching the groups “Die Gorillas” and “ImproBerlin”. Inbal is also teaching her yearly Masterclass “Acting for improvisers” and she has a pre-recorded masterclass called: “The impro writer”

(Level B-C/English) with Steen Haakon Hansen

When & Where

Fri. 16.9.2022  14:30-17:30 h
Sat. 17.9.2022  10:30-13:30 and 14.30-17:30 h
Sun. 18.9.2022  12:30 – 15:30 h

Room: Flamencoschule Martinita
Instructor: Steen Haakon Hansen
Title: SURFING THE MOMENT – FROM PLAY TO STORY (12 hours) : Level B-C/English


To start with we will play games, fool around, all to get into a playful mood. After this, we will experiment and work on how to receive the first prompt as a present and honour it by letting it be the core of the coming narrative? We will also explore using acting techniques to create characters truthfully within their universe, cartoonish, realistic, or satire, what that moment calls for.
In the next part of the workshop, we will address how to create character instinctively and in the moment. And we will explore how we can stage these characters stories. We will also explore how we can tell the stories from different points of view. An example: A Pig-farmer tells his story, and then we hear what the pigs have to say.
In between, we will play and exchange experiences.

Steen Haakon Hansen

Steen was born in Denmark in 1947 and studied drama at the Danish National School of Performing Arts from 1973-77. Since then he’s been teaching and performing. Visit for more information and resume. Steen met Keith Johnstone as early as 1972. Since then, improvisation has been the core of all his work in performing arts, including directing, performing and teaching.
Steens improvisation workshops is based on a unique composition of different performative theories and techniques, derived from e.g. Michael Chekov, Yevgeny Vakhtangov, Etienne Decroux. All in harmony with his experiences working with Keith´s basic techniques and theories. Steen has over the years worked to find techniques that prepare you, not to be prepared.

“Steen Haakon Hansen is a good fellow.”
Keith Johnstone

(Level B/deutsch) mit Neele Leske

Wann & Wo

Sa. 17.9.2022  14.30-17:30 Uhr
So. 18.9.2022  12:30 – 15:30 Uhr

Raum: Studio 13
Leitung: Neele Leske
Titel: JENSEITS DER KOMFORTZONE – (6 Std.) Level B/deutsch


Ein Workshop, der dich Improtheater erfahren lässt, wie du es noch nie erlebt hast. Kein Entkommen aus Szenen, ohne Idee auf die Bühne, raus aus der realen Welt in neue Genres, Abenteuer und Begegnungen mit ungewöhnliches Wesen der Improwelt.
Lerne Boris kennen, denn wer ihn einmal getroffen hat, möchte ihm ungern ein zweites Mal begegnen. Freu dich auf einen abenteuerlichen Workshop in der Welt des Improtheaters, finde heraus, wann die Grenzen deiner Komfortzone erreicht sind und gehe noch einen Schritt weiter.

Neele Leske

Neele Leske ist aus dem Norden Deutschlands nach Franken gezogen. Das allein schon! Daneben ist sie seit 2013 selbständige Unternehmerin, Expertin für Fehlerkultur und Change Prozesse, Schauspielerin für Unternehmenstheater und Trainerin für Improvisation, Agilität und New Work. Außerdem trägt sie den Titel Scrum Master.