PoC- Workshop | All levels | English
| The Code Switch
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Sa, 07.09. | 14.30 - 17.30 Uhr

Länge: 3 Stunden| alle levels| Sprache: English

Dieser Workshop richtet sich an People of Color und Menschen mit Rassismus-Erfahrung.

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In this workshop students will explore how we code switch in our lives and how we can apply that to our scene work. Code Switching is how we alter how we communicate based on where and who we talk to. This is especially true in minority communities.

This Workshop is for People of Color and people who experience racism.


Lou is a comedian/writer/director born and raised in the Bronx. You can see him perform in NYC with veteran teams Higgins and The Mannequin Room. He was recently a writer and performer in the 2019 CBS Diversity Showcase. He’s a fierce queen who has been doing sketch comedy and improv in NYC since 2009.