JOHN AGAPIOU | Following Inspiration

Mittwoch, 26.09. | 15.00 - 18.00 Uhr

Duration: 3 hours | Level: all  | Language: English


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Following inspiration

The lifeblood of improv is enthusiasm. So let’s take every chance we have to chase what’s fun for us! In this workshop we will learn to recognise moments of inspiration – in ourselves and our teammates. We’ll cultivate inspiration in the rich soil of specificity, and put our personalities on the stage, trusting our idiosyncratic angle on things. We’ll explore by feeding these inspirations, following them moment to moment into new scenes and creative edits, and letting connections come together organically.

Das Herzblut von Impro ist Enthusiasmus. Also lasst uns jede Gelegenheit ergreifen dem nachzugehen was und Spaß macht. In diesem Workshop werden wir lernen Momente der Inspiration zu erkennen – in uns selbst und in unseren Spielpartnern. Wir werden Inspiration im reichhaltigen Nährboden des Spezifischen kultivieren und unsere Persönlichkeit auf die Bühne bringen, indem wir dem Blickwinkel unserer Eigenarten vertrauen. Wir füttern unsere Inspirationen und folgen ihnen Moment für Moment in neue Szenen und kreative Schnitte, so dass alles organisch zusammenfließt.

(Dauer: 3 Stunden, Level: alle, Sprache: Englisch)


About John

John started improv training at ImprovBoston (USA) with Artistic Director Will Luera and other founding members of Big Bang. There he learned “Free-form” improv: a style of long-form that emphasises group support, playfulness, and “following the fun”. Since returning to London 5 years ago, John has trained with The Free Association, and a ton of teachers from UCB, iO, Second City, and other international schools. John has been improvising for 10 years and coaching weekly for 3 years. You can find him performing with C3?, and faux-avant-garde art collective The Dreaming.

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