Support and be part of a very special edition of the Fliegende Funken Festival

The festival team has come up with innovative and new ways to adapt to the new circumstances, which unfortunately exceeds our current budget. You can support this new, exciting type of improv festival by purchasing our Support Package!

The Fliegende Funken 2020 – International Festival for Improvised Theater can unfortunately not take place as planned due to travel and contact restrictions. So we just changed the plan. Now we are presenting a festival program that can bring even more improvisers together than originally planned.


Stephen Davidson is the Artistic Director of Improvable, QI: Queer Improv, Carmen: A gender-swapped Film Noir Fantasy, Love and Misinformation: An Improvised Play in the style of Caryl Churchill, and of Zeal: The Pride Improv Festival. Stephen teaches improv through Improvable and the Nursery Theatre, with the Free London Improv Project, and is also a diversity officer for Hoopla Improv. He has taught and performed all over the world. When coaching and directing improv he prides himself on creating a positive environment so that players can perform at their best.

Our new plan:

  • Hybrid Workshops: Some of the participants are physically present and some are present via moveable tablets.
  • Hybrid Shows: Some improvisers are physically on stage and some join the shows via a screen.
  • Streaming: Modern technology enables part of the audience to enjoy the shows from their sofa at home, wherever they are in the world. And if they want to, they can download the shows and rewatch them a second or a third time.

A team of professional videotographers will make sure, that these experiments will be high quality, artistically and technically. If we manage to get together the financial means, we will be able to pay the video team, the light & sound technician and the rental of the necessary equipment. We will create an one of a kind festival that will stay in people’s heads and well as the world wide web for a long time.

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Beatrix Brunschko ist seit 1990 Ensemblemitglied des Theater im Bahnhof in Graz, wo sie bis heute als Regisseurin und Schauspielerin arbeitet und seit 2000 die künstlerische Leitung des Improvisationstheaters inne hat. Seit 2002 unterrichtet sie an der Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz. Wenn sie nicht gerade in Österreich ist, bereist Beatrix Europa und die Welt, um zu spielen und zu unterrichten.
Lena Breuer ist Schauspielerin, Journalistin, Produzentin, Trainerin, Organisationstalent, Foodie aus Leidenschaft, selbstständig. Sie arbeitet aus Köln heraus für verschiedene deutsche Ensembles, produziert ihre eigene Veranstaltungsreihe “Impro Köln” und ist Mitgründerin des ersten volldigitalen Impro Fest Online. Sie liebt echte, emotionale Szenen, Geschichten mit Haltung und großartigen Blödsinn auf der Bühne.

Many events have been postponed to next year due to the corona pandemic. We firmly believe that people need culture now and not twice as much next year.

Therefore, we continue to plan the festival in November 2020.

It is important to us to create formats that are specifically tailored to the situation so that the digital space does not appear to be an emergency solution. For this reason, we work closely with the video artists, the event technician and the stage designer. This interdisciplinary collaboration was not intended in the original concept and now offers completely new opportunities. Subsequently, streams and downloads remain accessible as an online offer. In this way, they could serve the festival and the participating artists as a small source of income or as a promotional tool in times of crisis.

Buy your support package here and support artists in times of crisis!

PS: The number of Support Packages is limited. It pays to be quick. Financial support is also possible without purchasing a support package.

We're still waiting for confirmation from some great teachers and performers stay tuned!! Maybe also you and your team? Apply now!

It contains:

  • Admission to all shows (please let us know at least 4 weeks in advance when you will be there)

  • Access to all online shows

  • Download all online shows

  • Priority boarding for workshops: earlier access to workshops

  • Q&A with the festival team

  • The good feeling of having organized a festival

Costs: 80 euro

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Fliegende Funken: Testimonials

This festival brings different people from different approaches to meet, exchange ideas and participate in mutual challenges. It is diverse in a wonderful way and therefor is a celebration of humanity and connection through performance art.

Inbal3_web_fotocredit_Merav Maroody 2
Inbal Lori Tel Aviv/Berlin, PLAYING WITH THE ENEMY

The Fliegende Funken-Festival is built around a community of warm, intelligent, hilarious artists. Their collective passion to take risks and push the boundaries of what improv typically looks like was extraordinary. The organizers, staff and performers were all top-notch. Highly recommended!

Jason Shotts LA, Performer in ``Dummy``

This festival is one of the best we've ever been lucky enough to attend. The hosts and organizers are completely generous and kind--there's no shortage of hospitality from everyone running the fest. The spaces for performances and classrooms are very good and the city of Bremen is beautiful. From the other performers and teachers to the staff and students, it was an immensely pleasurable and enriching experience!

CN headshot
Colleen Doyle LA, Performer in Dummy

Das Fliegende Funken Festival in Bremen ist eines der schönsten Improvisationstheaterfestivals, die ich besucht habe. Das Festival schafft die perfekte Mischung aus internationalen und nationalen Gästen und einer tollen Bindung zur lokalen Kultur- und Improtheaterszene. Dabei sind die Organisatoren und alle Teilnehmer sehr herzlich und zuvorkommend. Tolle Shows, abwechslungsreiche Workshops und eine perfekte Organisation.

Paul Ziehmer Mainz, DIE AFFIRMATIVE

Fliegende Funken ist ein Internationales Improtheaterfestivals dessen Funken weiter über die Grenzen Bremens hinaus fliegen. Fliegen Funken setzt einzigartige Impulse in der Kunst der Improvisation.

Roland Trescher München/Berlin, ISAR 148

Wunderbar, bereichernd, augenöffnend und voller Suchtpotenzial!

Ina Schenker Festival ensemble member, AMS!-Theater, BIK CITY Impro

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