The Workshops for the Fliegende Funken Festival 2020 will be released by the end of April. 

Our workshops offer topics for everyone from beginners to pros. Experienced coaches share their knowledge and experience in compact workshops with tons of reps and individual feedback. No matter if English or German, short or long – you will definitely take away heaps of input for your group at home, your personal growth as a player and for the stage.

Where are the workshops located?

All workshops and shows of the Fliegende Funken Festival 2019 take place at Kulturzentrum Lagerhaus in Bremen, Ostertor.

Which workshops are suitable for me? What do the levels mean?

We offer workshops in German and English. Choose workshops in a language you feel comfortable to improvise in. You should also make sure that the workshop suits your level of experience.

Level 1 | Beginner
0 – 1 years of training and little or no performance experience
Level 2 | Intermediate 
1-3 years of training and some performance experience
Level 3 | Advanced 
3 or more years of training and extensive performance experience

What happens when I have booked a workshop but can’t make it. Can I get a refund?

If you cancel your workshop prior to August 01 we can refund the whole workshop fee (minus a processing fee of 10€). If you cancel your workshop between August 01 and August 22, we can refund half of your workshop fee. If you cancel after August 22, we can not refund any money. However, you can always try to find a replacement and we’re very happy to help.