Level 2 | English
| Character Monologues and Storytelling

Sun. Sept. 8 | 11.00 am - 2.00 pm

Sunday, September 8, 11.00am – 2pm

Duration: 3 hours | Level: 2 | Language: English


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Monologues in improv… Haven’t we had that discussion way too many times? But what if we shift the paradigm? What if we make monologues essential to the continuation of the story? What if we make them the best part of the show that people actually wait for with excitement? And how do we do that?

Come and let’s see what happens when we put stories at the heart of our monologues.


Zaki Zikani is an Arab improviser and workshop leader. He’s been improvising and training for 10 years. Coming from such an unstable environment, he loves to work at the edge of politics through his improv; pushing the limits of the forbidden, jumping into risky areas, and redefining what should and should not be. This has made his shows politically charged and his workshops laboratories of improv, storytelling, and politics.