Improvised theater is a feast of spontaneity, to which everyone brings their own favorite dish – and then nibbles at what the others bring to the table. This art form creates a communal space for all sorts of identities and social positions. Here, too, political, social and emotional impressions immediately emerge: Whose opinions are considered “normal?” Who decides what is “taboo?” Who laughs at what kinds of jokes? What connects us? What separates us from each other? Who defines the rules of our social play?

FF2019 transforms these and other blazing questions from queer, homo and heterosexual, female and male, Black and White and other perspectives into high-quality, comic, touching and sustainable art for everyone.

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Fliegende Funken 2018: Testimonials

Das Fliegende Funken Festival in Bremen ist eines der schönsten Improvisationstheaterfestivals, die ich besucht habe. Das Festival schafft die perfekte Mischung aus internationalen und nationalen Gästen und einer tollen Bindung zur lokalen Kultur- und Improtheaterszene. Dabei sind die Organisatoren und alle Teilnehmer sehr herzlich und zuvorkommend. Tolle Shows, abwechslungsreiche Workshops und eine perfekte Organisation.

Paul Ziehmer Mainz, DIE AFFIRMATIVE

The Fliegende Funken-Festival is built around a community of warm, intelligent, hilarious artists. Their collective passion to take risks and push the boundaries of what improv typically looks like was extraordinary. The organizers, staff and performers were all top-notch. Highly recommended!

Jason Shotts LA, Performer in ``Dummy``

This festival is one of the best we've ever been lucky enough to attend. The hosts and organizers are completely generous and kind--there's no shortage of hospitality from everyone running the fest. The spaces for performances and classrooms are very good and the city of Bremen is beautiful. From the other performers and teachers to the staff and students, it was an immensely pleasurable and enriching experience!

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Colleen Doyle LA, Performer in Dummy

Wunderbar, bereichernd, augenöffnend und voller Suchtpotenzial!

Ina Schenker Festival ensemble member, AMS!-Theater, BIK CITY Impro